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Host Family Testimonial: Bishop George Ahr High School

Finding host families for our exchange students is an important aspect of our work at AIED Council. Hosting a student can be a life changing experience for not only the student, but also the family. And while taking a stranger from distance land into your home might be frightening thought, we know that the reward cannot be enumerated.

The following is a testimonial from a typical American family that allowed one of our Chinese students to stay with them over a two-week period. We provide the following testimonial from a New Jersey family in hopes of quelling apprehensions of hosting foreign students:

Being a host family was an enriching experience. Yuri, our exchange student from China, at the beginning of her two-week stay, was very shy and quiet. But little by little, she became much more comfortable and was able to communicate in English more easily. By the end, she was almost a little “chatterbox” at times.

Yuri was quite curious about “typical” American activities. She wanted to go to the local “Y” (i.e., YMCA) to work out, explore the supermarket (her favorite aisle was the one with cookies), attend Sunday church services with our family, and of course, accompany our daughter to the mall!

Somewhat of a vegetarian, she really took a liking to American biscuits and deviled eggs. For her part, Yuri readily helped my daughter with her Chinese homework, and math as well, and also helped me with my Chinese studies.

She would explain to us some of the differences between her school in China and the host school here in NJ. Overall, I think that it was a good experience and wish that she could have stayed longer.

If you would like to find out how you could become a host family for an AIED Council exchange student, please email Ryan Allen at ryan.allen@aied-edu.org.



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