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Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University’s Global Perspective

As AIED Council’s #ChinaEd infographic illustrates, international education in China is booming. Not only are Chinese students crossing the world to soak up education in other countries, students from around the globe are flocking to China, as it is quickly becoming a global player in every business sector.

One way that universities are capitalizing on this global scholar exchange frenzy is through university cooperatives or partnerships. These partnerships, usually signed between a Western university and a local Chinese university, offer an opportunity for students in both countries to gain dual-degrees, or at least credit and experience at the partner institution.

One organization that has already established this kind of global partnership, and is even expanding the relationship further, comes from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), a British-Chinese joint venture. The university, which first opened its doors to students in 2006, is now expanding with a new Business School, offering IMBA programs as well as a range of MSc Management and Business programs.


The UK and Chinese flags flying over the campus illustrates the joint partnership between the two nations.

Due to our fast development and international appeal, we have certainly witnessed a dramatic increase in the intake from international/non-Chinese students on our undergrad and post grad courses,” said Doug Warner, XJTLU International Communications Officer.

As AIED Council’s mission is to “cultivate global perspectives by bridging cultural divides through the development of international education programs for educators and students of all ages,” the range of courses at XJTLU encapsulates exactly what we are trying do here.

While AIED Council mostly focuses on primary and secondary international education, joint programs like the one at XJTLU provide the next step in the internationalization of educational endeavours that we envision for our own students, once they graduate and move onto higher education. The programming at AIED Council lays a foundation for young students, which will foster student development in the ever-connected global environment. XJTLU, and institutions like it, offer a natural progression in the creation of a global citizen.

In accordance to global understanding through exchanges and education, XJTLU student Xiyin Liu,  said, “If you go to more countries, you can learn more!”

AIED is looking to foster this spirit in current students, while providing that opportunity through our programming. It is our hope that Xiangying Guo, who participated in our exchange to the US in 8th grade, has gained this persecuted, and to enter a university like XJTLU, with a strong international component.

We are continuing that spirit this summer as we bring in students from China to explore the US. When these students return to China, they will be transformed into global citizens, with an awareness that can only be gained from international exchange.


A recently constructed building on the XJTLU campus.

The joint venture at XJTLU provides an outlet for Mainlanders who have had an opportunity to study abroad, like our program participants, while during their primary or secondary educational years. Yet, it allows them to remain close to their families in China.

Likewise, their courses are open to foreigners. This includes many Americans too, according to Warner. And as AIED Council builds its own program for sending American students to the China, we recognize the challenges faced by XJTLU. 

It is our hope that more parents and educators will recognize the importance of programs like our own and the ones at XJTLU. The global preparedness that both our institutions look to foster is important to the future for students of not just China or the US, but of all nations.  

For more information on happenings and updates at XJTLU, find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

This post was written by Ryan Allen. If you would like an AIED Council staff member to cover your event or organization, please email him at  

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