AIED Council’s Grant Hunt


Grants are the lifeblood for non-profits. They provide the funding needed to survive, grow, and implement programming. Without them, an organization cannot maximize its mission or purpose.

AIED Council has been lucky enough to receive funding in its initial founding phase. But now, we are moving forward to a new stage of our development, and grants will play an important role in this period.

From establishing a database of potential grant-givers, to cold emailing organizations, to visiting various grant workshops around the city, the team in New York has been arduously seeking this important resource.

When not reaching out to potential school partners, School Outreach Specialist Martta Sareva has been working hard to consolidate all of the team’s grant work and has also attended grant workshops at the Foundation Center.

“The Foundation Center has been a great resource as we start this process. Their workshop for new nonprofits was especially helpful as it outlined everything that has to be in place before you even start applying for grants! The class provided a roadmap for us as we start this process and I am looking forward to attending more trainings,” said Sareva.

This hunt has also helped with intra-office collaboration, as School Outreach is working alongside the Project Management team in order to capitalize on the strengths of our entire staff. School Outreach Intern Ryan Allen and Project Management Intern Shimeng Sun have started working on a shared grant application system, allowing all members of the New York office to have access to grant materials.

The recent focus on grant hunting here at AIED has given many members of the team a chance to contribute in fresh ways, while providing important professional development. “Everyone is a fundraiser, especially for AIED Council. We need to reach out to prospect funders, cultivate prospect relationships, and master the art of the ask,” said Sun, who recently hosted a small grant hunting workshop for the AIED team.

Stephanie Realegeno, School Outreach Intern, recently attended a Foundation Center workshop as well. “I recently attended a workshop titled Grantseeking Basics and it gave me a better understanding on the process in researching for grants,” she said.  

Sareva added to this, saying, “[I]t is exciting to learn more about our organization and get an in-depth understanding of AIED. Starting to apply for grants has also made us think critically about what our goals for the future are.” 

This post was writen by Ryan Allen. If you or your organization would like to find out how you could become a donor to AIED Council, please email him at

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