AIED Council Participates at Harvard's Chinese Education Conference


AIED Council’s VP and Program Director Chuck Yang attended Harvard University’s “China’s Education Reform in the Globalized World” conference, hosted by the China Education Symposium, on May 17-18.  

 Along with other organizations and experts, AIED Council representatives were invited to the conference to “share their insights on China’s education reform in the new age of globalization.”

Yang attended the conference in Boston to ensure that the organization is staying fresh on happenings and trends in this important sector of education. Many of the panels and presentations were directly connected to our work here, especially the pitch competition, which was a contest between five young organizations dedicated to fostering Chinese educational development through innovative technology.   

“Panels were not just for experienced academics, but anyone with great ideas could have the podium to present,” said the AIED Council VP.


Not just an attendee, AIED Council was able to showcase its current programming and future undertakings during an organizational networking and display session. This session invited likeminded NGOs, mostly connected to education and China, to meet with other conference attendees and share ideas or promote organizational progress, important to a young non-profit like us.    

Many people were curious about AIED Council’s past programs, specifically what did our exchange students think about their time abroad. We were happy to share their testimonials, a few of which have been published on other media outlets, Voice of America  and MamaSmiles blog.

Participants were also curious as to how we are attempting to reciprocate these educational visits so that American students have opportunities to visit China. AIED Council is still actively looking to create a program that sends American students abroad. Specifically, one of our partner schools, Soundview Preparatory School, is looking to send a small group later this year, though this project is in its infancy stage.

The following are a few organizations that Mr. Yang connected with at the conference that particularly share a close vision and mission to AIED Council’s:

Any Student Any Dream (ASAD)
About: ASAD is made up of Chinese students and scholars working or studying in the US. They believe that everyone should have the right to follow their dream. This organization’s mission is to “narrow the educational inequality gap in China/”
Social Media: Facebook  

Global Youth Alliances
About: The Global Youth Alliances for Science, Health and Civilization is an organization that is attempting to train and connect young and future leaders around the world. They host a unique one-year leadership and skills-development camp called SPARKS Youth Leadership Camp.
Social Media: Facebook

Micro-Institution (M.I.) Spot
About: M.I. Spot is an organization that looks to engage young people, specifically migrant students and those in urban areas of China, through art and creativity. Their aim is to provide artists living and working space to ensure that they can continue their passion and craft.    
Social Media: Facebook  

 The CLOVER Youth Development Centre
About: CLOVER was the winning organization of the conference’s pitch competition. This Guangzhou-based non-profit is focused on providing experimental learning, through student-led educational programs. Their slogan is "Love, Think, Change."    
Social Media: Facebook and LinkedIn

On the various organizations that attended the event, Mr. Yang said, “You could see the enthusiasm and creativity from these projects.” 

AIED Council is happy that we could connect into the community of organizations and groups of people who are not just venturing into the Chinese educational sector, but doing it well and with so much passion. 

The academic side of the conference was also important to AIED Council. International educational legend Philip Altbach gave the conference’s keynote address, in a speech titled “The Global Challenges to China’s Universities.”

Professor Altbach’s immense contribution to the international educational world has paved the way for a generation of scholars and researchers. AIED Council is grateful for his advocacy and research in our field.   

Recently, AIED Council hosted a conference similar to this one at Harvard University. Our conference, titled “2013 International Education Development Forum,” was hosted in Beijing on April 11 of this year. You can read more about our coverage of this event here and here.

AIED Council is always looking for likeminded organizations or people that we can collaborate with or even learn from, just as we did at this forum. You can see other examples of these collaborations with Voice of America and the MamaSmiles blog.

This post was written by Ryan Allen. If you would like an AIED Council staff member to cover one of your events, blogs, or organizations, please email him at  



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