Media Coverage

AIED Council has had quite the amount of media coverage in its short history. The following is a list of articles or reports on our organization, or posts made from AIED representatives.

TV Coverage


SinoVision:   Link

Newspaper Articles

Global Times

Global Times:   Link

People's Daily

The People's Daily:   Link

Global Times

The Daily:   Link

University World News

University World News:   Link

Jewish Community Voice

Jewish Community Voice:   Link              February, 20 2013

Magazines, Blogs, and Other Outlets


Voice of America:   Link1              Link2

New York International

New York International:   Link


ChinaHush:   Link

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad:   Link

Beford Magazine

Bedford Magazine:   Link

Life After Study Abroad

Life After Study Abroad:   Link1              Link2


MamaSmiles:   Link

If your outlet is interested in covering AIED Council, please email Ryan Allen at

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