Murdoch and Kenzo Talk Art, Media, and Education

New York, NY
Two members of the AIED Council team, Shimeng Sun and Ryan Allen, attended a lecture by Wendi Deng Murdoch and Kenzo Digital hosted by the Asia Society on March 4, 2013.

Murdoch recently founded the website, which is a site aimed at giving art gallery access to the masses around the world, and is married to News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch. Kenzo is an artist and director, who has worked on campaigns for Nike and with Grammy winner Beyoncé Knowles.   

The lecture, while not focused on education, showed how education intertwines with all aspects of life. When asked about growing up in a very poor setting in China, Murdoch offered her take on the importance of education: “Food was on ration, meat once a month, life was very hard… but [my parents] invested everything they could into education. Thanks to them, I went to school.”

Kenzo, when asked if he had any advice to students, said that they “need to understand time is your most valuable resources.”

The event had a focus of art and media. For AIED Council, both of these outlets are important to our goal of cross-cultural understanding. We offer programs that connect classrooms through Skype and provide updates via Facebook and Twitter, which Kenzo dubbed “digital DNA.”

AIED is also actively working on creating exchange programs that are targeted at artists. This programming would bring aspiring artist from China to train with various artist and institutions here in America. Contact us if you want more information on this upcoming program.

Jerry Yang, founder of Yahoo!, was originally scheduled to speak, but his flight was delayed out of California. Melissa Chiu, Asia Society Museum Director, acted as moderator.  


Kenzo's Beyoncé video

This post was written by Ryan Allen. If you would like an AIED Council staff member to cover one of your events, please email him at  


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