AIED Council Visits the Chapin School


As AIED Council continues to grow and expand, establishing school relationships will become our foundation. The School Outreach team, led by Martta Sareva, recently visited the Chapin School looking to establish a future partnership. Ms. Sareva and Ryan Allen, School Outreach Intern, met with Lower School Head, Sara Adler, on Tuesday, February 5 to discuss opportunities that AIED Council could offer to Chapin.

The Chapin School, a private, all-girls school located in Manhattan's Upper East Side, has a reputation as one of New York’s top schools. Chapin already offers a strong Chinese language and culture program, and AIED Council would like to bolster their programs with our initiatives. While this meeting between Chapin and AIED Council was only exploratory, we hope to present a comprehensive plan for the school in the coming months, in order to establish an official partnership.

The potential relationship between AIED Council and Chapin has a particular meaning to us, as School Outreach Specialist Sareva is an alumna from the school. The former student was warmly greeted by Chapin’s faculty and staff, even bumping into a former track coach during the visit. We hope to continue and expand upon this connection between our organization and this fine school.  

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