Visit to Academy of St.Joseph

New York, NY



This time, AIED Council Program Director Chuck Yang and School Outreach Specialist Martta Sareva visited a school a little closer to home. The Academy of St. Joseph is housed in a beautiful six storey building in the heart of Greenwich Village, just a few subway stops away from the NY AIED Headquarters.

The school was founded in 2007 and currently offers programs for PreK-3 through 5th grade, but is planning on expanding through the 8 grade by 2015. The school has small class sizes and the student to teacher ratio is low, meaning students get plenty of individualized attention. Mr. Yang and Ms. Sareva met with Angela Coombs, Head of School, with whom they spoke about the possibility of collaborating on various international programs.

In addition, Ms. Coombs gave them a tour of the school and they got to observe several classes in action. Mr. Yang and Ms. Sareva got a chance to watch as groups of students worked to form letters, practiced Singapore Math, read stories, and studied for an upcoming social studies exam. The students were eager to share what they were learning with their visitors, telling them enthusiastically about the recent Geography Bee and what else went on in their classrooms.

Students also had a lot of questions about China. They were curious about what school is like there and how to write Chinese characters. In one class, Mr. Yang taught the students how to write “hello” and in another, a student studying Mandarin taught her classmates how to say “thank you.” It was great to see so much enthusiasm and curiosity for another culture in the students.

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