AIED Council Visits Marlborough School

November 29, 2012

AIED Council Vice President Chuck Yang and Education Outreach Specialist Martta Sareva visited the Marlborough School in Los Angeles, California on November 29. The Marlborough School is an independent girl school founded in 1889. They boast strong academics in all subjects with dedicated faculty, a unique honor code, and a variety of sports teams, student organizations and arts programs.


After getting a tour of the beautiful, recently renovated campus, by Samantha Lieberman, class of 2014, Mr. Yang and Ms. Sareva got a chance to observe two classes, Li Bu Larson’s AP Chinese Language and Culture class and Ms. Ling Zhang’s Mandarin II course, where students were preparing for their test by playing jeopardy. In addition, Mr. Yang and Ms. Sareva got to sit in on Mr. Talone’s AP Statistics class, in which he uses Khan Academy inspired video technology to supplement his teaching.


They also met with the head of school, Barbara Wagner, Robert Bryan, the Director of Middle School, and Laura Hotchkiss, Assistant Head of School and Director of Upper School. Li Bu Larson, Ling Zhang, Leigh Hanson, Department Head of Foreign Languages, and Sandra O’Connor, Dean of Faculty/Mathematics Instructor, also joined them for lunch.


The conversation centered on Ms. Wagner’s recent trip to China (read more about her experiences in The Ultraviolet: ), as well as a comparison of education systems in the U.S. and China. Mr. Yang also helped outline the initiatives AIED Council is taking and the conversation turned to discussing future potential collaborations with the Marlborough School, including teacher and student exchanges, online learning and sports and arts tours.

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