Our Missions

Our Mission Statement

At AIED Council, we cultivate global perspectives by bridging cultural divides through the development of international education programs for educators and students of all ages.


Making Connections

We build relationships between schools, organizations and institutions in the U.S. and abroad, focusing on whole schools or districts, in order to create programs for students of all ages: from elementary to graduate school. We even offer programming for teachers and principals. Our focus on relationship-building means we work with our partners to develop programs that fit their needs and interests.


Intercultural Experiences

We offer a variety of programs for students that create opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and global educational learning. These programs include student exchanges, school visits, and specialized subject area programs.

• Student Exchange Programs: CESILE and Summer Program

• School Visits: Tianjin Nankai Central Primary School Summer visit to Bankstreet School for Children

• Specialized Subject Area Programs: Music Masters Program


Educational Collaboration

We create opportunities for collaboration among educators and schools, through teacher recruitment and placement, school visits, forums and the sharing of educational resources. Here are a few examples of our initiatives:

• Dual Diploma Program with Admiral Farragut Academy

• Teacher Placement: Recruitment for Tianjin Yaohua High School

• Visits: Principals Visit to China

• Forums: International Education Development Forum: “Opening the Door and Creating a
  Culturally Powerful Country”



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