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Tianjin Yaohua High School

Tianjin Yaohua High School has a long and interesting history. Its history can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1927, Mr. Zhuang Lefeng, one of the directors of the Union of the Chinese Taxpayers in the British Concession in Tianjin, founded the Tianjin Public School in the British Concession to benefit Chinese children. In 1934 it was renamed Yaohua School, which means "to glorify China". In 1952 the name was changed again to Tianjin No.16 Middle School and then reverted to its current name Tianjin Yaohua High School in 1988.

The school is located on 106, Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin. Because of its British past, the school's combines both Chinese and Western styles of architecture. At the center of the campus is the school library with a collection of 120,000 books. The Science Building is well equipped, including an astronomical observatory. The school also boasts an impressive computer center. There are additional recreational facilities for both teachers and students, such as two fully equipped gymnasia, several basketball courts, one standard football field with a 400-meter track surrounding it, a swimming pool, a canteen and a dining hall that can serve 600 people at a time. There is also an auditorium, which can hold 1,380 people.

School Motto: "Diligence, Simplicity, Loyalty and Honesty".

By the Numbers

-96 classes;

-More than 5000 students;

-310 faculty members, including 15 Special-Grade teachers; 110 senior teachers;

-100% College Enrollment rate;

-Ranked as the Top 3 High Schools in Tianjin;

-Over 30,000 graduates since its foundation.

International Department at Yaohua High School

AIED Council and Yaohua High School have collaborated to create the Yaohua International High School. Together with Admiral Farragut Academy, the first dual diploma program was created.

Yaohua will pool the top students on campus and other Chinese students who are looking to continue their education in a Western higher education system, mostly in the US. Along with these students, there will be a mix of Western exchange students who chose to study in China because of a deep interest in the language and culture. This will provide a truly diverse and international classroom setting.

The students enrolled in the international school will be learning in a curriculum designed for students who will move on to study in Western higher education intuitions. This is very different from the rote memorization style implemented throughout China, which is designed to pass the rigorous Gaokao (高考), the college entrance exam. With their many Western-trained staff, various AP courses, international environment, the students in this program will receive a world-class education.

Class Schedule for a Typical Day


This is only a sample of the classes offered at Yaohua. Other classes include: Physics, English Writing, Conversation in English, P.E., Business English, Geography, Information Technology, American Regions & Colleges, AP French Language, Chinese Language and Literature, and various levels of Mandarin offerings.

As of September 2015, AIED Council’s dual diploma program has over 100 students enrolled in the International Department of Yaohua High School.

Yaohua International High School graduates will be quite competitive in the international student recruitment process. The school is always welcoming to universities that would like to send their student recruitment representatives for informational events. If you or your institution would like to schedule a visit, please email us at

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