Who We Are


Inspiration of AIED Council

The American International Education Development Council (AIED Council) is an educational organization that seeks to advance the development of international education initiatives. Our mission is to help American educational institutions develop relationships and programs with education-related foreign entities to enable students to engage in intercultural learning, promote global education collaborations, and facilitate the sharing and exchange of educational resources around the world.


What We Do

At AIED, we believe that there should be no boundaries for education in a globalized world. AIED works with educational institutions and organizations to allow students of all ages, from the United States and abroad, to find better access to quality education that gives them an international perspective.

AIED is also an advocate of institutional research on international education topics including study abroad, student exchange programs and cross-cultural collaboration on education. AIED is proud to provide funding opportunities to graduate students, researchers and institutions that help forward the understanding and better design of international education programs.


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